Here is the new Saeco Evo line. As a result of the collaboration with the designer Giuliano Galeazzi, this successful line of hot machines has a completely new design, with aluminium inlays, modern and emotional graphics and a new colour display. Cristallo Evo 400, the freestanding hot machine designed and developed to reduce maintenance and service, evolves and renews its look; its performance is enhanced thanks to the innovative Gran Gusto technology (in the 7 gr Espresso version), that brews a true Italian espresso also with only 6 gr of ground coffee. The LED lighting system helps reduce power consumption. The machine has 5 containers and offers up to 42 different beverages. Cristallo Evo 400: Heart of Coffee.

Dimensions (w x h x d) 580 x 1700 x 670 mm

Weight 120 kg

Power supply 230 V/50 Hz – 120 V/60 Hz

Power consumption 1450 W

Boiler material brass (300 cc)

Water connection 3/4’’ (1–8 bar)

Water supply standard: water supply – optional: independent water tank kit

Independent water tank 1 or 2 tanks of 15 l

Cups (h 70 mm) 400

Cups type ø 70 o 73 mm

Stirrers 400

Available stirrers 90 – 105 – 115 mm

Coffee bean container 1

Instant product container 5

Sugar container 1

Number of selections 16

Number of preselections 4

Mixer 4

Brewing unit  7 gr (sistema Gran Gusto) o 9 gr

Coffee beans 3,5 kg

Instant coffee 1 kg

Milk 2,5 kg

Chocolate 3 kg

The 3 kg

Sugar 3 kg

Energy class A (EVA – EMP 3.0)

Certifications CE – VDE – CSA