Diamante Evo was designed, in the tradition of unique model, to supply hot and cold drinks (the latter bottled or canned) and snacks, in a single structure. Its distinctive features include ease of access for the operator, high autonomy for waste materials, the possibility of making the machine completely autonomous thanks to the dedicated kit and the accessibility of payment systems. The new boiler together with the Gran Gusto brewing unit (in the 7 grams version) ensures delivery of top quality coffee products.

This is the ideal machine for the exploitation of every inch of space and is especially recommended for medium-to-small locations. The new circuit board with integrated USB port, together with the new LED lighting, round off the machine’s novelty package.

Dimensions (w x h x d) 720 x 1910 x 840 mm

Weight 243 kg

Power supply 230 V/50 Hz

Power consumption 1700 W

Boiler 300/600 cc – brass

Water connection 3/4’’ (1–8 bar)

Water supply standard: water supply

optional: independent water tank kit

Independent water tank 20 l

Cups (h 70 mm) 320

Cups type ø 70 or 73 mm

Stirrers 300

Available stirrers 90 – 105 – 115 mm

Number of trays 4–5

Bottle tray 36 bottles Ø 69 mm, h 210 mm

Can tray 36 cans

Snack tray according to the spiral type

Number of spirals 24–30

Available spirals 17 (27 products)

to 90 (5 products) pitch

Coffee bean container 1

Instant product container 4

Sugar container 1

Number of selections 9

Number of preselections 4

Mixer 4

Brewing unit 7 gr or 9 gr

Refrigerating unit 1/5 HP

Adjustable temperature 6°C–15°C

Ecological refrigerant fluid R 404a

Coffee beans 7.7 l

Decaffeinated coffee 2.8 l

Milk 4.7 l

Chocolate 4.7 l

The 4.7 l

Sugar 2.8 l